Side by side

This morning I braved the cold to get Arkwright in his pot, with his little conifer to keep him snug – so here he is, next to his buddy Luther once more.

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2 Responses to Side by side

  1. Nice blog. I’m sorry to hear you’ve lost a little friend lately. That just never gets any easier. I’ve shared my life with rats for about 11-12 years now. Can’t imagine living without them. I like the pot idea. When I lived in Calif in a house I was able to bury them and paint nice rattie headstones with their pictures. The ritual helps in saying goodbye. Now I’m in an apartment in Florida, so don’t have the same option. Now I paint plaques to hang in remembrance of them, and they are buried at a friend’s home.
    Cheers from me and my two current boys, Merlin and D’Niro.

  2. ownedbyrats says:

    It is always hard to lose one of them. Luther and Arkwright were rescue boys, so we were happy and privileged to give them a good life with us for over two years – they did really well. All ours who die at home get a pot and a nice plant, as we live in a rented house so wouldn’t want to bury them in the garden. This way they go with us when we move, and one day I hope that we’ll be settled enough to put them all in the ground together. I’d make little headstones for the pots but I’m not artistic, so they have to manage with plant tags.

    Scritches to Merlin & D’Niro.

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