It’s all about the treats

This Christmas has of course been coloured for us by the loss of Luther, and we are now at the stage of planning (or trying to plan) what kind of plant to buy for him to be buried under. I would like to go for something evergreen, perhaps a small holly. We will need to think about buying two plants as we both think Arkwright will not last long, despite our best efforts for him. He had started to show signs of the same hind leg degeneration which Luther had, and in the last couple of days he seems to have deteriorated. He is now sharing a cage with Cora and Clarice, and seems to have lost the slightly persecuted expression which he had for the first day or so – this afternoon when I checked on them, all three were tucked up in the rody igloo together, though I suspect mostly because the girls didn’t give him much choice.

Anyway, this being Christmas they had presents to open yesterday. The girls were very excited about theirs, though Arkers took a bit more persuading. Clarice in particular got the hang of ripping open the wrapping paper, probably because she could smell food inside. They got a chew toy and some treats from us, and more treats from my mum.

Cora and Clarice investigate a present

Arkwright pretends to show an interest

And Clarice gets properly stuck in

The young boys humoured us by briefly showing an interest in their presents, but couldn’t be persuaded to ‘help’ with the unwrapping. They also got some chew toys, plus more treats which they aren’t interested in.

Radar - not really all that bothered

Hawkeye - probably just weeing on them, to be honest

All five had a share of Christmas dinner – roast chicken and vegetables – which they undoubtedly enjoyed more than than the presents.

Hoping that you and yours had a good Christmas.

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One Response to It’s all about the treats

  1. ebonflower says:

    What beautiful rats! They look like they had a fantastic Christmas! 🙂

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