Getting there, slowly

It’s a funny old time of year. I’m not a huge fan of Christmas for all sorts of reasons, largely the rampant consumerism and enforced jollity. When urged to remember the real meaning of the holiday, I fight back the impulse to point out that our ancestors probably sacrificed some poor bloke to try and make sure the sun came back next spring. But I do love buying little gifts for my ratties (and for others too) so I’m not a total scroogeypants.

This year the fuzzies will get an assortment of chew toys and treats – much as they do every year, actually, but I tend to assume they don’t remember from one year to the next. Of course, it’s Hawkeye and Radar’s first Christmas in any case, so the chicken dinner will be a lovely surprise for them. I considered buying them some lovely hammocks but they’d destroy anything like that in seconds so I thought better of it.

This year they have put their pocket money together to buy a chew toy for my brother’s adorable Springer spaniel puppy, Max, which is very kind of them. They heard that he likes chewing things almost as much as they do.

Healthwise they are all much as ever, though Luther is getting slower and less agile. He still manages fairly well to get around the cage but is starting to struggle with the dry food. Anything soft and mushed up goes down very well, though 😉

I have had another little push to publicise my little book, and have now sold a whopping 42 copies. Doesn’t sound like much, but as it’s nearly 42 more than I thought it would sell, I’m pretty pleased on the whole. If you haven’t seen it, it’s at and can also be found on Amazon (UK, USA, France, Germany, Spain and Italy) where it may in fact be slightly cheaper.

I will do my utmost to post over the festive season, especially if we get photos of rats enjoying their presents!

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