Cage swapsies

This afternoon, while cleaning the cages, I was having a ponder (as you do) about the best way to house the rats. I’ve been getting concerned about Luther, and suspect that his back legs are not as strong as they once were, as he seems to be having trouble getting round the cage. So, part way through cleaning the young boys’ cage, and with the old boys’ cage already done, I announced to J that I thought we should swap them over. To his credit, he didn’t throw the nearest cage shelf at me, but agreed that it would be good for both pairs of boys.

The old boys are less active and bouncy, while the youngsters are still completely mad and will therefore benefit from having a nice big cage to climb around. Plus, having the bigger cage means room for two litter trays. Those boys could poop for Britain. I mean, I spot clean the cages and empty the litter trays and they just seem to view it as a challenge. So two trays can only improve things (I hope).

So it was done, and they’re settling into their new quarters. I regard the old boys as having moved into their retirement home – they still have most of their furniture, it’s just a bit closer together now. With a bit of luck they’ll stop sulking soon.

I figured it was an opportunity to take some pics of the cages, so here we go, in order of size.

The girls' cage

This is the girls’ cage. It’s our smallest, and also our oldest, cage, bought in 1998 from PetSmart as it then was. Big enough for two girls, though we have had three in there from time to time. The girls live there now because they’re not going to get any bigger, and also because the cage doors (which slide up and down) make getting reluctant rats out very difficult. The girls are very co-operative about handling so we have no problems with that aspect. They don’t like it much as it was a downsize for them, but they have got used to it.

The older boys' cage

The older boys now live in this cage, which is a Furet Plus. Until July the girls lived in it, then till today the young boys so it’s seen some changes. It’s our newest cage – we bought it in July last year – and though some parts are a bit of a pain to clean on the whole it’s a cage I’d recommend. There’s not a lot of furniture in there at present as we’ll add bits and pieces as they get used to their surroundings.

The younger boys' cage

So, this is the youngsters’ new accommodation. It’s a Super H, bought from Jollye’s several years ago and which they no longer sell – a great shame as it’s an excellent cage. We’ve had groups of up to 6 girls in it quite happily. Again, may appear a bit sparse at the moment but that won’t last 😉

As they were all out for cage cleaning, I took a few pics before they went back and here are the best of the bunch.



Luther (not that fat, actually - it's the way he's sitting)




Hawkeye and Radar are definitely growing into their names – both obviously bright, Hawkeye very outgoing, attention seeking and in-your-face, and Radar somewhat quieter but still friendly and lively.

So, there we are for this week. Next time will probably be the story of Halo and Evey.




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