Return of the metal rat

A while back I posted about a metal rat I’d bought – the day that I bought it, we were out with our friend W (who we don’t see often enough…) and she’s as nuts about small furries as we are but sadly allergic to them.

We saw her again yesterday, and she had bought us a present – these little guys!

Aren’t they adorable? They’re made to put in the ground or in plant pots, and they’re going to look so cute peeping out from in amongst the leaves!

In real rat news, Arkwright had his lump removed on Thursday and is recovering very well. We’re still not sure exactly what the lump was (other than Not An Abscess) so are hoping it was benign. He has a big bald patch on his side, poor boy, and spends a lot of time avoiding us in case we take him back to the vet’s.

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