Some pictures, and a little worrying

All three pairs came out for a run last night, and after a successful photo session with the two youngsters I was hoping for more of the same with the others, but other considerations intervened – as they have a habit of doing.

The little boys are doing just fine. They spend their ‘out’ time running round, exploring, examining everything as though it’s the most fascinating thing they’ve ever seen, until something else takes its place. Hawkeye is particularly obsessed with faces, especially mouths, and will launch himself at me before grabbing my chin with both hands and trying to get his head in my mouth. They are starting to enjoy playing with us – chasing our hands, being tickled – and of course they chase each other. Some of the mock fighting is starting to look a little more “I’m the alpha!” “Oh yeah? Says you!” but they will sort themselves out in time.

I got some good pictures of them:

As ever, they move too fast to get decent pictures of the two of them together.

Also got one or two cute pics of the older boys:

But the camera freaked them out a little so I didn’t push things.

No pictures of the girls. The first thing we discovered on getting them out was that Clarice was once again all scabby with mites, and needed a treatment, which is never very photogenic. Then we gave them each some soya pud – laced with antibiotics in Cora’s case. Then Cora went and hid under a cushion, which isn’t like her at all. She was very subdued, hunched up with her fur on end, clearly uncomfortable or in pain. So I gave her extra antibiotics and she has perked up a little, but her ears are very pale as they were when she had a nasty infection a couple of months back. So, it’ll be back to the vet tomorrow for the poor girl. I suspect a course of strong antibiotics and quite possibly a spay lie in her future. Keep your fingers crossed, please.

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