Getting on

There are plans afoot to increase our rat numbers. This was a bit sudden, in view of the fact that not that long ago we had said no more until near the end of the year, and I’m not sure what changed – except we knew someone with some boys in need of homes, and after months of saying no J said “Well, we need to start thinking about the next generation.”

So, the oldest cage has been hauled out of storage, cleaned, sanded down and repainted with Plastikote – annoyingly, it’s taking its time about drying, but it’ll get there. I hope. We have also rearranged the rat room, so the girls’ cage is in one corner on top of the Mary (which is for medical emergencies, mostly), and the side table and spare cage are in the opposite corner next to Luther & Arkwright’s cage.

Debates have raged about names for the new boys. I fovour a M*A*S*H theme, or (assuming the boys are the right colours for this) Gillespie and Mr Tibbs. Mr Tibbs is an impossibly good name for a rat. J has decided that they should be called Clunk and Zilly, as Dastardly and Muttley are too obvious. If they end up being Clunk and Zilly I’m going to insist that our next two girls are Bitesize and Toxie. We’ll see.

Luther has been the biggest pain lately, seemingly unable to work out how to get out of the cage at playtime. The previous system of getting him out into a box foundered as he refused to co-operate, and we have ended up having to take the top off the cage to get hold of him. Then last night he got into the box – first time in about a month. Silly individual. We have wondered if he has some sort of short term memory problem, and can’t remember what to do about the box, or the cage door being open, from one day to the next.

Anyway, we got some pictures last night during playtime and they’re rather good, so here they are.





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2 Responses to Getting on

  1. mewithmycamera says:

    they are so cute, i miss my little guys

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