We have a new playtime system. This is partly because Cora had a tremendous sneezing fit in our bedroom last Saturday, and partly because it takes so long to set everything up on the bed and then tidy up afterwards that there’s no time left for playing. So I have done my best to set up the rat room by lining anywhere vulnerable with cardboard, and we can leave most things in place for them to hide under/chew/play with – leaving more time for them to do just that.

The girls are of course keen to explore the boundaries and see how much trouble they can cause. The boys are less of a handful, and once they have had enough tend to come and sit very firmly on my lap or shoulder – “Dinnertime, Mum. Take us back to the cage, please.”

We took some pics of the girls last night but not of the boys as the camera freaks them out.



Clarice still seems a little down after the loss of Domino, but is starting to perk up again. All of them are enjoyin g the new play area, and in fact the boys are the most active and animated I’ve seen them in some time.

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One Response to Playtime

  1. angie says:

    Oh, I am sooo sorry about Domino!

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