Another ending

The sequel to my last posting. Domino has taken her leave of us at last. Yesterday evening I said to J that if she held on until today I would call the vet, and I guess she heard me. Our vet, I know, is one who uses a little gas first so the rats don’t feel the needle going in, which always makes me feel better about having them put to sleep, but this time it wasn’t needed. She ate most of her dinner last night, had another little bath to get the rest of it off her fur, and went to sleep.

A proper account of her time with us will have to wait for the right point in my chronological list, so for now this will do. She was friendly, though not overly affectionate, probably due to her not being used to handling. But she wasn’t scared of anything. She came to be company for another who wasn’t sure that she wanted company, but Domino didn’t take no for an answer. She was brave, determined and inquisitive to the end. We’re going to miss her.

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