Last weekend’s photos

We had a biggish photo session last weekend which resulted in a large number of good quality photos – as ever, more of the girls than of the boys as the girls are pretty much unafraid of the camera, while the boys are terrified of everything except food and hammocks. We tried to get a good ‘being held by daddy’ shot of everyone, plus as many as possible of them all running around.

We’ll start with Domino.


Licking my hand - she is extremely licky at the moment, the other evening she washed the entire right side of J's face.


And this one which could be either Cora or Clarice – it looks like Cora, but Clarice spent more time hiding in the box:

Looking at these pictures, I’m amazed by how much Cora and Clarice have changed since July. I was aware that their coats were roaning but until you compare photos you don’t realise just how much the colour is fading. These are from July, when we had just added C & C to the girls’ cage:



Now to last weekend’s pictures of the boys:


Determined not to co-operate.

And Arkwright:

Pretty much the classic view of Arkwright. I have more pictures like this than I care to think about.

In other news, for anyone who gets Channel 4 or can get 4OD over the interwebs, there’s a programme on Friday about a couple who have 20-something rats – it’s called “Head Over Heels in Rats” and promises to be an interesting and positive view of ratty folks.

Have a lovely weekend.

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6 Responses to Last weekend’s photos

  1. isfrun says:

    We had some fosters called Clarice and Cora once – excellent name choices! Everyone looks really happy ❤

    Also, I *need* Arkwright. Now.

  2. ownedbyrats says:

    Arkwright is a handsome boy, but he’s a complete wuss!

  3. Gabby says:

    Aww, darling ratties! Do you mind me asking what’s up with Domino’s eye?

    • ownedbyrats says:

      She had a lot of eye trouble last summer – she was black-eyed but her eyes turned red when she went completely blind, then shortly after that she got a bad infection in the left eye. It swelled up horribly and crusted over, and I had to put ointment in it – she was incredibly good about it all. The infection cleared, but the eye atrophied and is now tiny, so she looks lopsided.

  4. doveyrat says:

    A-bloomin-dorable! You have great rats and a good eye with the camera. I know what you mean about camera shy boys, though. They’ll pose for cream cheese, but not for long and not happily. Blast. I have more shots of tails (the rest of the rattie boy having fled the frame) than I care to think about!

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Thank you! My dad taught me most of what I know about photography, and at least some of the rest comes from having finally bought a decent DSLR. Until recently, I had a stunning collection of pictures of vaguely rat-shaped blurs, and beautifully focussed and composed shots of cushions, but very few good pics of rats…

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