The rats of Christmas past

Everyone gets presents, including the rats. After all, they’re part of our family, so why shouldn’t they? When I was growing up we had dogs, and the dogs always had presents at Christmas too. Tess, the dog my parents acquired just before I went to University, loved Christmas almost as much as my dad did. When the presents were being distributed on Christmas morning she would lie beside my dad’s chair, wagging her tail every time a present was placed in front of her. Then she waited patiently as we opened ours, until someone came over to open hers for her at which point she would start to get excitable, hoping no doubt for a tasty treat or a new squeaky toy. She had several squeaky toys and could tell them apart, so if you told her to fetch the banana she would ignore the snowman and the newspaper… not stupid, that dog.

So, the rats get presents. Usually my mum gets them a little box of treats, and we get some toys and treats for them too. Once or twice we have tried wrapping the gifts up for the rats to ‘open’ and I’ve found a series of photos of the results – some more impressive than others. 2006 seems to have been a good year – we had 6 girls that Christmas, who after some initial hesitation soon got the idea that the things covered in shiny paper were interesting and worth investigating.

Lyra - not too sure what I was offering to her

Leda and Selene starting to show an interest

Selene definitely curious

Leda and Aurora, still not quite sure what to make of it

Selene trying to take possession of whatever it may be

Now we're getting somewhere, and Cally and Jenna are also in on the act

It's a chew toy!

So, what else do we have?

Lots of treats...

And a Christmas stocking filled with goodies.

This can only be described as a present frenzy.

In 2007 we still had 6 girls but the population had been entirely replaced. Some of these girls had only been with us a couple of months and were still getting used to their surroundings, which may explain they reluctance to get involved with our daft games. But they still got their treats in the end.

Tallulah and Evey - "Has Santa been?"

"This might be for us..."

Tau decides to investigate.

But Zelda seems to be the one who ends up looking triumphant.

This year the kids have some treats to look forward to, as well as a Carrot Play Patch (though what they’ll make of that I don’t know). With luck, there may be photos in a week or so’s time.

Seasons greetings to anyone who happens past this little blog, and may Santa bring you something lovely.

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2 Responses to The rats of Christmas past

  1. doveyrat says:

    One would think rats and holiday crackers to be an (ahem) explosive combination! You’re a braver man than I, Gunga Din.

    What gorgeous photos, with all those colors and the rats obviously having the time of their lives.

    • ownedbyrats says:

      Ah, I wouldn’t let any of my lot near a real cracker! 😉 The current girls probably would be all that bothered, mind you. They do still get pressies of course, but these days I don’t tend to bother so much about wrapping them up. It’s just an excuse to get them the toys I’d be reluctant to spend money on over the rest of the year.

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