The latest news and pictures

Once again I’ve struggled to find time to post over the last couple of weeks but at least this one will have lots of pictures to make up for that. The countdown to Xmas is under way and I have one gift ready for the ratties – no doubt I’ll be getting them various other treats too, but for now all I have is a Carrot Play Patch. They love the little sisal carrots and destroy them in seconds flat, so we’ll see how they get on with having to pull them out of the ‘ground’.

Last time I posted, I mentioned that Luther had a worrying-looking lump on his operation scar. The vet diagnosed an abscess (with some relief, as this is easier to deal with than a hernia) and after lancing it she put him on antibiotics. He has taken the ABs like a good boy but the whole experience put him off coming out of the cage and for the first week after the vet trip he wouldn’t emerge at all. A second vet trip a week later (no lancing this time, though) had a similar effect though we did manage to get him out of the cage eventually. Third and final vet trip this morning and he has a clean bill of health – just needs to finish up the rest of his ABs.

The girls are well and happy. Domino is really remarkable, showing no signs of giving in to her ailments. Just last week I saw her climb up the cage bars to the shelf (instead of taking the sloping ramp which would be the easier option) and then push one of the younger girls out of her way when she got there. She still dislikes being picked up and seems to get quite grumpy when we follow her around during playtime – we worry that she will slip and fall off the furniture, as she has done a couple of times before, but she just seems to think we are interfering. Cora has a new game, which involves climbing up on to the bedstead to do a balancing act. Clarice, as ever, thinks about it but doesn’t join in.

We managed to get a photo session in one of the evenings, and this is a good demonstration of what normally happens when we try to photograph rats:

There was a rat there a second ago.

But we did get some good ones:

Cora's new game

Clarice thinking about it...

Domino being gorgeous

This one shows very well how she has to 'sit' now her back legs are weak

One of Cora's other games - 'Spider-Rat'

The boys spent most of their out-time hiding, but we managed to get a few good pictures

All five rats are eating well, which as we are now in a cold snap is good news. The current dry mix is (I suspect) a little too high in protein, so I will be readjusting quantities for the next batch. Four weeks today they will be having Xmas dinner, which in this house is chicken rather than turkey but otherwise traditional. I don’t know if they enjoy it as much as we do, but it all gets eaten.

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