Alarms and excursions

So, what’s been happening in Ratty Towers lately? It’s been a bit of a week, one way and another, and the very fact that I’m writing this instead of doing something much more productive (like adding to The Book, or making Christmas cards) is a fair indication of my general feelings of pessimism and despondency.

A couple of weeks back I had a positive response from a potential publisher who seems interested in the premise of my rat book, but they have a minimum word count and I’m several thousand short. I have some ideas – some for entirely new chapters, others to expand existing chapters – but every time I sit down to try and work on it, my mind goes blank. This is a problem. At present I don’t have a deadline but obviously I don’t want to leave it too long. And with the mind-blankness, I’m starting to feel under pressure and therefore, in that way that my mind works, to feel like giving up. Which is stupid, because I’ve got this far. Part of the problem is lack of focus – I have other things I need to do and which distract me and drag me away from the book. Maybe if I leave it till after Christmas I might be able to regain some of that focus. Christmas is (as ever) a huge looming brick wall which I dread every year. Once it’s over I might be able to think clearly again.

The rats have had a (mostly) good week and the boys have consented to come out for a run a few times. They love it once they’re out, but the process of getting there seems unnecessarily difficult for them. Luther is (I think) unwell and seems to have a swelling of some sort where his boy bits used to be. A few weeks after the op we had him checked out as he had a little lump there (not inflamed or infected, and it didn’t seem to bother him) and the vet thought it was just a case of it not being finished off as neatly as it might have been. In the last day or so the lump seems much bigger and we’ll be ringing the vet tomorrow as it doesn’t look right. Poor boy – he hates the vet. Fingers crossed it’s something easy to deal with.

Yesterday I went to make up a new batch of dry mix to find that the new bag of rabbit food I had bought a couple of weeks back was bad. Something must have gone in to the mix wet as everything in the bag was greeny-brown and sticky. We have taken it back to the shop this morning and are trying some stop-gap alternatives using hamster food and mixed grains. In the meantime I’m going to look into making our own mix from scratch, which may be the way forward.

Your positive thoughts for Luther, please.

Luther showing off his moves (before the op...)

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