Photo fest

As it’s a public holiday here in the good ol’ UK of GB, I have a little time on my hands. We got all the kids out for exercise yesterday evening and took 66 photos, approximately 58 of which were *ahem* not very good due to the limitations of a cheapo point ‘n’ press digital camera. Oh, how I wish I could afford a decent digital SLR. Anyway. Let’s start with the girls.

This is Domino, and the pic shows well the effect of the nasty infection she had in her left eye in June.

Mmm, yoghurt drop

This was very alarming for us as we came back after a weekend away to find her with her eye swollen, and crusted over. The infection responded well to antibiotic ointment but the end result was that the eye atrophied so she now has one normal-looking eye and one teeny one – but was already blind in both anyway, so it has made no difference to her in that way.

The little girls, Cora and Clarice, have become completely expert in avoiding having their pictures taken – usually by running either straight towards, or directly away from, the camera as fast as they can (which is very). We managed a few interesting pics, however.


Pick me! Pick me!

It's dangerous to go alone - take this!


"What a long tail you have!" "All the better to... er... not sure really."

Spider rat, spider rat

The boys came out later for a run, as they’re not yet safe around girls despite their little operations. We are trying to re-introduce them to one another, so yesterday afternoon after cage cleaning we did an intro session in the bath (neutral territory) using vanilla to disguise their scents, and they did pretty well. In the evening we got them out on the bed, which is more familiar ground, but still used vanilla. They went for 25 minutes without a fight, which is the longest since about April, and Luther even submitted to some grooming from Arkwright – something which pre-op would have resulted in a screaming argument – with nothing more than a few mild protesting squeaks.

The photos of Luther show the skin problem to some degree – much of his back is scabbed over, and I’m afraid that when that lot comes off he will have a huge bald patch. The fur looks oddly raised over the scabbed area.

Mr Grumpy

"We brought you here to enjoy yourself!" "Well, tough."Arkwright is in good health but still a fairly nervous boy with a tendency to hide.

"Give me the feather wand, mother. I have to kill it."

On the whole, we are making good progress with the boys but I’d like to see Luther’s skin trouble cleared up, or at least better than it is now, before I put them in the same cage. If he’s at all sore or sensitive and Arkwright tries to do too much grooming it could set everything off again. On the plus side, he is showing more interest in Arkwright – for a long time, Arkwright was the one trying to make friends, but last night Luther was meeting him halfway so I think we’ll get there.

Friends again?

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